‘Damnation Is Eternal’ is out now!

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Debut of Mask of Insanity

Dear followers of the Insanity,

We are so pleased to have our debut album released to you all. Per the 6th of November 2020, 'Damnation Is Eternal' is available on all streaming platforms. It has been five years of struggle, hard work and dedication to get to this point and we couldn't be more proud with the end result.

Here's what people and magazines have to say about our music:


Zware Metalen (NL), 90/100 - They have really thought this album through and the result is an album that makes sense on every level. Damnation Is Eternal is an astonishing debut that deserves to receive a wide audicience as a perfect combination of extreme and accessiible, with very strong and varied songs.

Source: https://zwaremetalen.com/albumrecensies/mask-of-insanity-damnation-is-eternal


Metal Noise (UK), 80/100 - Overall an album that has been well worth the five year wait. Hopefully, Mask of Insanity don't make us wait that long for a follow up.

Source: https://metalnoise.net/2020/11/review-damnation-is-eternal-by-mask-of-insanity?


Arrow Lords of Metal (NL), 7,5/10 - The build-up is rather careful, to say the least. But once the bomb explodes, it's all hands on deck. 

Source: https://arrowlordsofmetal.nl/mask-of-insanity-damnation-is-eternal/


You can listen and order our album here: https://maskofinsanity.hearnow.com/


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