Mask of Insanity needs your help!

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Crowdfunding campaign for 'Damnation Is Eternal'.

Hello everyone! Mask of Insanity is finally able to bring out our first ever album, 'Damnation Is Eternal', which will see it's digital release on the 6th of November 2020. But this is where we need YOUR help!

We want to bring out the album on physical CD for you as well, but being a small, independent band with limited funds and money, we need YOUR help to make this happen.


How can you help us and what will you get in return?

We will be offering you the chance to support us and pre-order three unique deals:

  • 25x physical CD:  € 9,00
  • 15x physical CD - signed:  € 10,00
  • 10x physical CD - signed + keychain MOI-logo:  € 12,00


Where do I go to get these perks? 

Visit our campaign page on Indiegogo:


Mask of Insanity guarantees:

At 75% of the campaign goal reached, we can guarantee the delivery of the pre-ordered items!

Also, at the end of the campaign, there will be a 'Thank You'-video with all the names that contributed. Eternal glory on our socials! If you do not wish to be mentioned, please let us know, and we'll change your name to 'Anonymous'.


Current expectations: 

We expect that, if we reach our campaign goals, we can get the product ordered and delivered to us somewhere in December this year. Shipping to those who have ordered will then start in December 2020/January 2021.



From the bottom of our blackened hearts, Mask of Insanity thanks you for your support and for making this dream of releasing our debut on physical record happen!