A (not so brutal) update…

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A (not so brutal) update…

Dear followers, it’s time for another update, a less positive one this time ?

Whilst we are still on the road of this epic journey of recording our album, it was decided that Mask of Insanity will part ways with drummer Jonah Vossensteyn. A very difficult decision, indeed. Out of our deepest respect for Jonah, we will not answer any questions as to why, but please note that we are ever so thankful for his contribution to the band, the overal sound and our album. He has definitely helped to get our sound to a next level and for that we will be ever grateful. Jonahs drums have been recorded and will be heard on the album, so be sure to get yourself a copy once it is released. It’ll be brutal! ?

In the meantime, we have engaged with a session drummer who will be helping us deliver the Insanity. All scheduled shows will continue as planned, including Gates of Naraka in October.

Stay brutal,